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Each year vertigo and/or dizziness affects millions of people worldwide.  In a large portion of sufferers, vertigo is no more than a temporary annoyance. However, in some cases, vertigo can be a debilitating situation. Daily activities are kept to a minimum as a result of relentless dizziness or a fear there of. The nervous system and cerebellum are primarily the area of dysfunction in the brain, in most cases. Our coordinated movements are controlled by the posterior or back part of the brain known as the cerebellum.


Dr. Prax. a Certified Functional Neurologist, utilizes certain tests to determine cerebellar function and dysfunction. For instance, the Romerberg’s test is used in our office. For this test the patient stands with their feet together and eyes closed. A sway of the patients body either side to side or back and forth is interpreted as a positive Romeberg’s test and points to a problem with proprioception. Other tests may include, touching your finger to your nose, supination and pronation, walking heel to toe and many others. These test are performed to test the function of the cerebellum.

Analysis and treatment of the cerebellar function and dysfunction may include:


Unilateral or one-sided adjustments on the left or the right side of the body only. This includes: extremities (arms, legs, fingers and toes), lumbar spine(lower back) and cervical spine (neck) will be manipulated/adjusted on one side only to fire muscle receptors and joint receptors into the same side cerebellum and opposite side cerebra cortex or brain. The thoracic spine (mid-back)

spine will be bilaterally adjusted or manipulated on both sides to fire the dorsal columns (back side of the spine) and reduce rib misalignments.

Warm Ear Caloric:  To Stimulate the ipsilateral or same side cerebellum a warm ear caloric may be administered. A warm water caloric is when warm water or sometimes air are placed into the ear. The amount will slowly be increased based on a patient's reaction.

Eye Exercises: To increase frequency of firing the cerebellum and frontal lobe of the brain eye exercises may be used.

Brain Gym: A trip through our brain gym may be utilized based on the severity of your vertigo and/or dizziness. Our brain gym have many brain stimulations and exercised that activate all the centers of the brain.

These are only a few of our treatments. One or all of them may be employed to rehabilitate optimal cerebral function.

To see if we can help you with your vertigo, call 434-977-5433 now to schedule an appointment or click here to have more information or to set up a consultation.