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A migraine can be one of the most debilitating things a person can experience and can significantly affect their daily lives during the course of an attack. Localized pain is the most common symptom of a migraine but other symptoms include dizziness, visual problems, nausea, vomiting, redness and swelling. Some of these symptoms can be recognized as an indicator and may appear before the actual pain is felt. The pain of a migraine is most commonly experienced in the temples, but can also be noted anywhere on the head, neck and face. A migraine attack can persist a few hours, days or in extreme cases weeks.

    Migraines are classified in two categories. They are diagnosed by most medical professionals as either classical or common migraines. The classical migraine is defined as a migraine that succeeds a symptom such as numbness, tingling, flashing lights, a aura, or a halo effect around the head. Though just as troublesome, Common migraines (named as such because they are three times more common than classical migraines) differ by the fact that no aura is experienced. Nearly 30 million Americans report that they experience some type of migraine headache.

The Cluster Headache

Similar to a migraine, the cluster headache manifests as a pain the comes on suddenly, high in the nostrils and expands to the areas around the eyes(often on one side or the other). Often subsiding as quickly as they begin, cluster headaches are still a bit of a mystery occurring sometimes several times per day with symptoms sometimes lasting days or even weeks.

Causes of Headache

The causes of headaches are varied and extensive. Headaches can be cause by poor diet, food sensitivities, cervical (neck) problems, autoimmune problems, stress, TMJ, poor sleeping habits, and metabolic inflammation. Environmental factors such as chemical sensitivities, biotoxic illness and medication side effects could also be the culprit.

At Prax Family Chiropractic and Massage, we will do all the appropriate testing to determine the root cause or causes of your headaches and set you on the right path to optimal health and healing. We leave no stone unturned. If you would like to have more information or to set up a consultation and see how we can help you (or someone you know) reduce the effects of migraine, common or cluster headaches, give us a call at 434-977-5433 to schedule an appointment or click here to have more information or to set up a consultation.