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Our Charlottesville family chiropractors at Prax Family Chiropractic know that a misaligned body can affect many different areas of life. From the inability to complete daily tasks to missing out on important moments with those we love, chronic health problems can truly keep us from living life to the fullest. That is why we use non-invasive and holistic techniques to decrease symptoms, promote wellness, and help our patients get back to enjoying life.

Drs. Brian and Jennifer Prax offer a wide range of chiropractic and holistic services for all members of the family, no matter how young or old they might be! As a family chiropractor, the Prax's offer Charlottesville patients the ability to improve their health and eliminate pain. Prax Family Chiropractic offer treatment for fibromyalgia symptoms, migraine headaches, and other Chronic Conditions - for more information on Dr. Brian's Chronic care, click here).

Dr. Jennifer Prax's speciality is in pregnancy symptoms, craniosacral therapy, traumatic birth related injuries, Prenatal Chiropractic, auto accident injuries, and more.

Treatment for Pregnancy Symptoms, Recurrent Migraine Headaches, and More

One of the things that sets Prax Family Chiropractic apart from other Charlottesville clinics is our ability to effectively treat mothers and children. In fact, as a pregnancy / prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer Prax only treats maternity and pediatric patients. She is certified in the Webster Technique (in-utero constraint), a pregnancy massage treatment shown to ease the trauma to both mom and baby during birth. The Webster Technique pregnancy technique has also been shown to reduce breech birth issues and other malposition before labor begins.

In addition, she also provides holistic treatments and craniosacral therapy for children and babies who have recurrent ear infections, colic, general crankiness, lack of sleep, etc. Her techniques have helped countless children and parents. Prax Family Chiropractic strives to give families the treatment they need. Parents who have found no alternative in traditional medicine for the health of their children are often amazed by the wellness we are able to provide.

For adult patients not in need of maternity chiropractic, Dr. Brian Prax and his team offer chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, spinal decompression, and care using modern chiropractic technology. One technology used in the office is Pulstar, which is Computer Assisted Adjusting that offers a gentle alternative to traditional spinal adjustments.

For Chronic Conditions, we also offer brain-based therapy, which utilizes several therapeutic modalities and a unique integrated approach with local medical doctors to help solve recurrent migraine headaches, symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy and other pain management. Patients who suffer from recurrent pain and are looking for a treatment plan that will change their lives,Prax Family Chiropractic can help. Many of our procedures involve co-care involvement with other physicians to ensure the highest level of care possible.

Whether you are suffering from migraine headaches, neck pain, back pain, or other health problem, Prax Family Chiropractic can help! As a family chiropractor, we want to help our patients live in wellness and enjoy their lives. Please give us a call at 434-977-5433 to schedule your appointment to wellness today!

New patients receive an initial visit package for only $97 (normal value &150).

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